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Purple Passion - Radiant Orchid Paint

Purple Passion - Radiant OrchidFor 2014 the color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  It is a beautiful rich shade that brings a pop to everything it is applied to – clothes, cars and even in your home.  I know what your thinking – PURPLE??  Yes!  It’s not just for little girls anymore. As I scoured the internet and my favorite local spots, I have found some amazing items for the home that incorporate this striking color.  This color really can be used in everyone’s home.  Don’t be afraid, I will help you find the pieces and how to make them work for you! My design goal was to find items in this gorgeous hue, so for this challenge here are the ground rules.  First each item must be no more than $75 and each item must be available to everyone (no designer only options).  After all the point is to make it accessible, right?   I have narrowed the list down to five amazing choices…


Purple Passion Blanket



My first selection is this yummy, cozy vibrant purple blanket.  This would be a great addition to a bed or sofa.  And who wouldn’t want to snuggle up under this! This throw retails for $60.
Purple Passion Wallpaper




Wallpaper is making a comeback in a major way.  This exquisite pattern could create the perfect focal point behind a headboard or on the full wall behind the sink in a powder room. What a statement this would make!!  This fabulous purple wallpaper is available for $38 per roll.



Purple Passion_Light


Check out this amazing light in our favorite shade!  This ‘do-it-yourself’ light comes in a kit.  That’s right – you get to put it together like a puzzle.  Such a fun project and the pieces are made of durable polycarbonate material that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Plus you pick your design – 15 different options available.  This purple puzzle light fixture retails for $30.  



Purple Passion_art


Art is always a great way to bring color into your space. So this piece entitled “Cosmic III” is the perfect addition to your purple passion design!  The great part of this piece is how it combines with other colors.  This will help you incorporate it with other elements in the room!  Want this piece?? The 24×24 Giclee print retails for $43.



Purple Passion - Radiant Orchid Paint


And last but not least PAINT!  What an easy solution for incorporating this gorgeous color in your space.  Use to paint the walls, a piece of furniture or a mirror.  It is simple update that can make a big impact (and only a little money and effort are required).  This can be purchased from your favorite paint retailer for $25-$50 per gallon.



Have you decided?  Which one is the accessory that is a must have for your space?  Design is about fun and a splash of color.  This great color trend that will spice up your space and with so many options you can do it and not break the bank. So get out there and show some purple passion!!

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  1. I’m actually really digging that wallpaper! I’m not saying I could pull it off, but I’d love to visit a room like that! 🙂 This really is a FUN color and I will enjoy feeling trendy when I spot it now 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie! The wallpaper is fabulous. And you can totally rock it!! Try a little bit…you can do it!

  2. First, I am a huge fan of purple! I really love it! Now that wall paper is stunning! If only I could convince others about how wonderful purple really is!

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