Reclaimed Wood Inspiration

Reclaimed Wood Inspiration

Many design trends carry on from year to year. Some fade into the sunset quickly.  One trend that is continuing to be popular is the use of reclaimed wood.  As old structures such as barns and 100 yr old homes are being torn down, there is an effort underway to salvage and reuse as much as possible.  There is no design out there that can’t use a touch of reclaimed wood inspiration!

This effort has provided inspired designs. Using reclaimed wood that still has a story to tell creates a beautiful visual in any space.  I love including character in new designs.  You know these elements have a story & now they can be part of yours!

So are you wondering how to incorporate reclaimed wood inspiration into your latest project?  Here are just a few ideas:

Barn Door – Cover an opening or door way with a barn door.  You can build the doors yourself or have them built at most reclaimed wood suppliers.  Another option is to purchase the door and mounting kit.

Reclaimed Wood Inspiration







Tables – Build a new dining room table & create the top with reclaimed wood.  Again these can be built but if you are not into building it yourself these tables can be found at furniture stores and online.

Reclaimed Wood Inspiration

Fireplace Mantel – Find reclaimed beams to be used as your fireplace mantel. What a beautiful statement these old beams make on your fireplace.  Rustic elegance at its finest!

Reclaimed Wood Inspiration





Kitchen Islands – Replace your island top with reclaimed wood flooring or siding. This creates such a nice contrast when the other counter surfaces are a solid stone, granite or quartz.Reclaimed Wood Inspiration


Walls – Use it as a wall treatment. Take reclaimed wood & attach it to your wall to create an unique focal point.  This creates a warm and inviting space with great visual interest.

Reclaimed Wood Inspiration





These are just a few ideas for using these reclaimed treasures to create a beautiful accent in your home.  And the best part – this material is extremely durable.  Think about it…most of this wood has been exposed to the harsh natural elements for hundreds of years.  It will handle the kids, grown ups and any or pets with no problem at all.  I can’t wait to see how you use reclaimed pieces throughout your home.  All you need is a little reclaimed wood inspiration to get started.



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